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Voiron is located 300 meters above sea level in the foothills of the Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse. Our small town of 21,000 inhabitants offers visitors a welcoming and lively face. We are very proud of our natural heritage, cultural and gastronomic. Here is a brief overview of what the city has to offer!!

Let’s begin with a cultural and architectural excursion. What you may not know is that even if Voiron has kept some traces of the medieval past (Saint-Pierre church, Sermorens neighbourhood and the Barral tower are good examples of that), the city was re-shaped under the industrial era in the 19th century. Symbol of the capital of « Pays Voironnais »; The Saint Bruno church that we, inhabitants of Voiron, gladly call « cathedral » stands majestically in the heart of the city. Although recently built (1864), the building is inspired by medieval cathedrals.

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Business Hub

We’re perfectly situated in the core of Business Parks of Champfeuillet, renowned for its companies of services. Roughly 10 minutes drive going to Centr’Alp and its 300 hectares office building accommodating more than 300 high tech companies, largest Business Park in Grenoble area and employing 6000 peoples and also, in north east, you be able to get to the Economy Business Hub of Bièvre Dauphine at approximately 10 minutes by car, combines all the advantages of a strategic position for its leading companies, from nearby airport (Grenoble St Geoirs), still serving large European capitals.


The largest liqueur cellars in the world, where the Carthusian secret is well kept. The Carthusian monks were farmers, ranchers, loggers and blacksmiths before becoming, for our greatest pleasure, distillers!! Enjoy the visit to the cellars for a tour at the Museum of the « Grande Chartreuse », located in an old dependency of the monks, and thus open the door of the Carthusian Order, 900 years of history, and a whole spiritual adventure! From the museum, you are at the gates of the « Pays Voironnais », so let yourself be guided and inspired by the mesmerising nature. Our Advice: Let yourself go….

Finally, our favorite place to be: Lake Paladru

Lake Paladru was shaped during the ice age. It is the 5th largest natural lake in France. It is well nested among the hills of Voiron, and the water temperature often reaches 25° in the summer, which makes it excellent for swimming. Be aware, however, that several areas are classified as « Protected Natural Zones », including the roselière of Colletière or the immense roselière « Large Reeds » at the northern end of the lake, which constitute the best place of bird nesting and fish spawning and thus, these zones remain inaccessible.

The lake won’t stop surprising you, indeed, it holds hidden treasures buried beneath its blue waters. The Lake Museum displays throughout the year, incredible findings of archaeological excavations of two engulfed villages: the village of the Bathers, which dates back to the Neolithic period and the medieval inhabitation of Colletière which dates back to early eleven century.

The most beautiful discovered objects (tools, weapons, games, musical instruments) are displayed and thus provide, thanks to audiovisual mounting, a glimpse of daily life in these two critical chapters of our history.

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